The Way Nature Intended

Organic Pumpkin Seeds

Our organic, non-GMO, seeds are packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Noted for their high nutrient concentration and pleasing taste, our pumpkin seeds are a convenient snack. They offer a well balanced food source that retains all of the pure goodness in whole superfoods.

We take pride in growing our pumpkin seeds in Atlantic Canada to offer a product you can trust to be pure. Try tossing these seeds in your homemade salads or trail mix, you won't be disappointed!

Try our Alpha Mills Organic Pumpkin Seeds and other organic products today and see exactly what we mean by REAL.

Another Day, Another New Journey

We are all about natural health starting from the inside.  Our company’s path in the organic agriculture world has brought us a new found appreciation and inspiration for all good things to help fuel our bodies with REAL ingredients, no matter what the product.

We have begun this journey into natural health by creating our first product line under the Alpha Mills brand:  Alpha Mills Organic Products – Organic Canola Oil.  We at Alpha Mills have our minds in overdrive to create even more nutritious, delicious, minimally processed products using REAL ingredients.

So while we work hard at putting together a product line you can trust, try our Alpha Mills Organic Products today and see exactly what we mean by REAL.

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